Empowering Health for All in Somalia

Embedded within the core of READO’s mission is an unwavering dedication to ensuring the universal right to health and reproductive self-determination, particularly within the context of Somalia. Our multi-dimensional health programs transcend individual, social, and structural barriers, confronting the persistent challenges faced by communities in Somalia.

Our vision extends to 2030, where millions within Somalia will have the opportunity to exercise their right to health, with a particular emphasis on empowering women to assert their sexual and reproductive health rights.

  • READO’s focus is on building resilient, equitable, and accountable health systems capable of withstanding shocks and crises, while ensuring sustainable access to quality healthcare services for every individual in Somalia.

  • We recognize the insidious impact of economic and social inequities within Somalia, compounded by the ever-looming specter of humanitarian disasters, and the constraining grip of restrictive gender norms, particularly detrimental to the health outcomes of women and girls.

Even before the onset of the pandemic, health systems within Somalia grappled with inadequacies in addressing the sexual and reproductive health needs of the populations they served. READO’s initiatives aim to bridge these gaps and ensure comprehensive healthcare access for all in Somalia.



Our Focus areas

READO’s Proactive Approach to Healthcare Access in Somalia

At READO, our approach to health and health systems is underpinned by principles of equity and rights, focusing on:

  • Empowering marginalized groups, including women and girls, within Somalia to assert their rights to health and well-being.

  • Redefining power dynamics to foster collective voices and holistic community well-being within Somalia.

  • Engineering systemic shifts within health systems within Somalia to facilitate universal access to healthcare services.

READO, in tandem with its network of partners, has facilitated millions within Somalia in exercising their rights to health, with a keen emphasis on sexual and reproductive health. Looking forward, our 2030 strategy aims to extend this reach to an even broader demographic within Somalia.

We collaborate intimately with community stakeholders, leaders, and local health authorities within Somalia, endeavoring to catalyze community-driven action, galvanize public demand, and catalyze institutional reforms in policies and practices within Somalia.

READO’s Commitment to Equitable Healthcare Access in Somalia

At READO, we are unwavering in our commitment to ensuring equitable healthcare access within Somalia. Through our endeavors, we strive to safeguard millions within Somalia, ensuring fair access to essential healthcare services and empowering communities to take charge of their health and well-being.

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