Health and nutrition



With support from different partners, READO provides free access to basic primary health care services and nutrition programs to the vulnerable pregnant, lactating and children, through provision of essential life-saving nutrition and health services and timely response children under the age of five, pregnant and lactating women, boys and men. This include treatment of children <5 years suffering from Severe Acute Malnourished Malnutrition (SAM) and Moderately Acute Malnutrition (MAM) through screening and admission to OTP sites and Stabilizing Centers as well as pregnant and lactating women) who benefit from de-worming, vitamin A supplementation and micro-nutrient support. READO has also provided daily life saving essential medical services including daily treatment of patients and proper case management of AWD/cholera and measles affected patients as well as referral of complicated cases to the nearest hospital. Also, READO provide daily measles immunization services targeting children under 5 years for prevention of measles.

Moreover, READO has successfully been able to ensure improved Basic Emergency and Obstetric New-Born Care (BemONC) and Integrated Sexual Reproductive Health and Maternal Nutrition Services to Pregnant and Lactating Women (PLWs) in Hudur and Dinsor districts in Bakool Southwest region of Somalia

Our impact



Number of women and girls reached with GBV and reproductive health information



Number of women and girls who received GBV and reproductive health services



GBV survivors were provided basic physical treatment emotional/psychosocial support in Hudur hospital.

Muslima - I never knew giving birth could be like this

26-year-old Muslima a mother of three children was among the mothers provided with quality delivery service in Hudur district hospital. She was excited as she pointed out that the free delivery and medical services were a valuable gift. She was one of the many women from different locations within Hudur district who received quality health services. 

“ I didn’t know about the free services and medication that were offered here. I gave birth to the first two babies at my house and I didn’t know the potential dangers of the delivery process, I was in a lot of pain and I experienced many problems during those two deliveries “With READO/UNFPA arriving in Hudur hospital, the maternity services were unlike before. My friends and I received valuable information and support like TT vaccinations, micronutrient tabs, and a variety of other medical services.