Who we are

We are a leading non-governmental organization in Somalia where we implement emergency aid intervention and development programs. We work to empower destitute agro-pastoral, riverine and IDP communities in Somalia. 

Since 2008, READO has been responding to the multiple shocks facing Somalia, through the implementation of emergency response and resilience building programs in different regions within Somalia. With funding from various international partners we focus on capacity building for the communities to enable them to respond to emergencies. Our programs focus  on improving livelihoods/Food Security, Good Governance/ROL, WASH, Protection, Durable Solutions and Reintegration, Rural & Urban Livelihood, Education, peace building & Conflict resolutions and Youth Programs on vocational skill training (Youth at Risk)

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Our Vision

READO is a non-profit humanitarian aid organization with a vision to bring humanitarian assistance to vulnerable people in danger of natural and human-induced disasters. We are committed to ensuring the uppermost ideals of accountability are observed and strives to meet the needs of the most vulnerable populations by delivering the adequate humanitarian service in each situation.

READO Management


READO Somalia’s mission is to improve the living standards of the Somali people through rehabilitation of the economic infrastructure, agriculture, water and environmental protection. Through our income generation and education programs we promote a participatory approach that motivates agro-pastoralists and results good production which can eliminate poverty and hunger. READO Somalia has developed great and professional working relationships with its donors (IOM-SOMALIA) & FAO-SOMALIA and other partners, through these relationship we are able to implement quality programs that bring about lasting results in the lives of the needy in Somalia. Additionally, READO has also formed strong relationships with other stakeholders such as Government entities, International as well as Local organizations that work within the region. Despite the security challenges we face in Somalia, READO remains committed to continuing its humanitarian assistance efforts to the people affected by war, poverty and drought. 

I would like to express my gratitude to our donors IOM, FAO and other coordination Agencies like UNOCHA, UNFPA, UNDP, UNICEF, FSC-Cluster, the Education Cluster at Regional and National level, Government Institutions in the South West State of Somalia, MOAI, MOPIED, MOI and MoHADM, BAIDOA District Administration, Bay Regional Governor and the community at large for their support and encouragement and making sure all our projects are implemented from inception to completion with minimal or no delays at all.

I would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the READO staff from Somalia for their efforts and commitments to achieve the set goals. It is through their hard work, dedication, effort, and sacrifice that people in Somalia can have improved lives and hope for a better future.

Our Partners