Providing Adapted Emergency Responses
We strive to address the pressing needs of the most disadvantaged communities in Somalia through targeted emergency aid and sustainable development initiatives.
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About Us

READO was founded in 2008 to implement emergency aid interventions and development programs for the people in the southwest state of Somalia where we have been responding to  multiple shocks facing the region. Through implementation of emergency response and resilience building programs, we have been reaching the destitute agro-pastoral, riverine and IDP communities in Somalia. 
We are currently part for the Food Security Cluster (FSC), Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) which is the primary advisory body for the FSC steering committee. READO is also the Regional focal point for the FSC and Education cluster in Bay/Bakool region of Southwest Somalia.

Thematic Areas

Food Security and Livelihood

We help to improve food access and livelihood support to vulnerable IDPs in Baidoa through the provision of unconditional cash transfers and livelihood farm inputs


We provide emergency and sustainable access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) to affected IDP's and host communities.

Education & Child Protection

We help strengthen the education system in Somalia towards sustainable delivery of equitable, quality and protective education services for all children through protective and lifesaving education

Health and Nutrition

We provide emergency life-saving maternal care and treatment for children programs to communities facing disease outbreaks.

Gender Based Violence (GBV)

We provide psychosocial support to GBV survivors as well as promoting reproductive rights and women empowerment


Climate Change Adaptation

We engage in actions that sustainably promote increase in agricultural productivity and incomes

For over 10 years we have been responding to the needs of vulnerable populations in Somalia

Rural Education and Agriculture Development Organization (READO) is a leading non governmental organization in Somalia /Somaliland, which implements emergency aid intervention and development programs. Since 2008, we have been responding to the multiple shocks facing Somalia, through the implementation of emergency response and resilience building programs, targeting the destitute agro-pastoral, riverine and IDP communities in Somalia. Through funding from various international partners we have been able to assist and build the capacity of the local community.

Make a life-saving impact in Somalia's Southwest States with your support.

The ongoing drought crisis in Somalia is unparalleled and threatens to spiral into a devastating famine. Despite our best efforts, the current resources at our disposal are insufficient to prevent this outcome. Help us save lives by supporting our established food crisis response programs, where your generosity can make a real and immediate difference.

Read our 2022 Annual Report Here

In 2022, Somalia experienced an unprecedented drought that surpassed previous droughts in terms of duration and severity, including the ones in 2010/11 and 2016/17. The country faced the failure of four consecutive rainy seasons, a climatic event not witnessed in at least 40 years. The Deyr season, which typically occurs between October and December, was projected to underperform with some regions that historically receive rains in early October facing delays in rainfall. As a result of the prolonged drought and the underperforming rainy season, humanitarian needs continued to escalate well into 2023. Recognizing the severity of the situation READO, along with support from various donors and partners, undertook life-saving initiatives in critical sectors such as WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene), Health, Food Security, and Protection reaching over 70,000 individuals and providing them
with essential assistance and support.

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