Youth Programme

After more than two decades of civil conflict, Somalia is currently at a “turning point” in terms of positive political and security developments as well as the commitment of the international community for a sustainable resolution of the protracted crisis in the country. Somalia has entered a new phase of peace building, stability and recovery, after the end of the political transition on 20 August 2012. Despite of this, Somalia remains a fragile complex political and security environment, which is beset by poverty, recurring famine and conflicts. The lack of opportunities to earn a decent living makes Somali youth susceptible to crime, piracy, joining freelance militia groups and radical anti-government groups.  

These Militia groups bring about the destabilization and reverse the gains already by the Federal Government of Somalia therefore undermine democracy and breeds lawlessness. 

In response to this, READO (with support from IOM) has been engaging in a demobilization and reintegration program for the youth in Baidoa in 2015 through the business skills and entrepreneurship training. READO is consolidating its efforts through a cost extension and reaching more youth (especially women) who are at risk or had previously engaged in militia groups and wish to quit the unlawful practice. This is done not only through entrepreneurship training but also issuing the youth start up grants to start their own business ventures and earn income.

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READO is registered as an NGO with the Ministry of Interior and National Security, Mogadishu- Somalia Ref No MINS/0077/2016.