Rule of Law 

Since READO supporting the communities in SCZ with capacity building local communities with conflict reconciliations and supporting local governance through awareness raising on civic dialogue and local governance programs.  

READO believes that peace and stability as well as open, effective and accountable government and public institutions are core elements to fight poverty, improve living standards and raise development outcomes – not optional extras. An analysis of MDG progress has revealed that weaknesses in effective governance have been a central cause of gaps in development progress.

READO believes that effective governance is the mechanism through which most basic human needs can be met, human value and well-being is recognized, equal access to opportunities, rights and social justice is ensured, vulnerable and disadvantaged people are protected, conflicts are managed peacefully through inclusive political processes, and competition for power occurs nonviolently.


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READO is registered as an NGO with the Ministry of Interior and National Security, Mogadishu- Somalia Ref No MINS/0077/2016.