Food Security and Livelihoods

Agricultural Support in Rural Areas Irrigation

READO provides Agricultural and an integrated support to farmer's communities on order to enhance their livelihoods for their Good Production in order eliminates poverty and hunger, frequently intervenes in isolated rural areas where agriculture represents the key economic sector. In this context, agricultural support offers a perspective of real development when the activities are of long duration. For this reason, READO has developed a panel of activities destined to allow for an effective transition towards autonomous development.  

In most agricultural support activities are inseparable from large-scale rehabilitation or construction activities, such as irrigation systems. After a crisis or natural disaster, irrigation systems can suffer from a lack of maintenance even when their operation is crucial for agricultural activities. The salinity of the soil, the rise of subterranean waters, flooded fields, soil erosion, landslides and mudslides are the main environmental consequences of a lack of maintenance.

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READO is registered as an NGO with the Ministry of Interior and National Security, Mogadishu- Somalia Ref No MINS/0077/2016.