READO works in the provision of safe water and sanitation facilities to communities.

We empower the communities in the promotion of good hygiene practices, READO's activities related to the rehabilitation of water springs, Shallow wells, or systematically implemented in close collaboration and with the participation of the beneficiary communities.

  • The construction or rehabilitation of infrastructures while making sure that access to water of sufficient quality and quantity is guaranteed;
  • The participation of beneficiary communities setting up of committees of consumers and the naming of community leaders – in order to ensure the regular maintenance of these infrastructures;
  • The informing and training of their members in order to improve their usage, management and evaluation capacities in terms of available water resources.
  • Promoting the instruments of collective water management guarantees the longevity of our interventions while at the same time contributing to the efficient prevention of conflict.
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READO is registered as an NGO with the Ministry of Interior and National Security, Mogadishu- Somalia Ref No MINS/0077/2016.